Membership privileges

  • Support and promotion of glass recycling at institutional, public and professional level
  • Information sharing within a professional network of high quality recycling companies

  • Dedicated studies, data collection and testing to improve the quality of glass collection and recycling

Did you know?

In many bars and clubs, so-called “illuminators”  are used under the glass bottle in order to illuminate it in darker places. A lighting module and its battery is problematic for the glass sorting because it sticks to the glass fraction.



FERVER members recycle 70% of all glass waste in Europe

Purpose & mission FERVER

The association aims to regroup the European glass recyclers. Its object is to represent the profession, (particularly towards the European institutions).


Our members across Europe

FERVER members are present in 15 European Union-Countries and in 5 non-EU Countries.

They are all

·         independent and private companies

·         recycling regularly significant quantities of high quality glass cullet in the

          glass industry

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