Construction and Demolition Glass Waste

This ATD aims to improve the quality and the quantity of flat glass for recycling by getting a change of the legislation.


The collection rate of flat glass in Europe is currently very low. However, the available quantities are huge.

Furthermore, when this type of glass is collected it is often of a bad quality. Consequently, the recycling rate of flat glass in Europe is also very low.

Currently, we notice that there are very few initiatives of the building & demolishing sector to improve this situation mostly because they are not receiving any incentive from the EU to do so.


One of the first steps would be to organise an event on flat glass in 2016.
+ take initiatives at FERVER level, in cooperation with other federations like Glass for Europe, specific building federations,…



State of affairs

Date Description Deadline Responsible
November 2017 FERVER's recommendations and information sheet on flat glass recycling shared
October 2017 Two documents shared with external stakeholders: - FERVER's recommendations - Information sheet on flat glass recycling
June 2017 Session on building glass recycling lead by FERVER during the DDR forum & expo Baudouin Ska
May 2017 Definition of priority actions within FERVER
February 2017 Creation of a working group with external stakeholders Members of FERVER in this WG: Marc Uphoff, Fernando Santaolalla, Vitor Simoes, Lionel Fougerousse, jacques Rolland
November 2016 Organisation of an event on flat glass on the 25th of November Marie Van Breusegem
May 2016 Meeting and presentation of the FISSAC project Mick Keogh
October 2015 Review of the studies (done and ongoing) to identify the potential of glass in EU-28 Plenary meeting Marie Van Breusegem
August 2015 Letter to the Commission on Circular Economy - We drew the Commission's attention on the need of clear rules imposing selective dismantling of the windows and a controlled collection of this fraction in dedicated (clean) containers.
Start Date: 2015


In the short term: to organise in 2016 an event on flat glass. In the long run: to improve the quantity and the quality of C&D glass waste by getting a change of legislation.

Time Schedule

No deadline as it is a long-term action.


  • Marie Van Breusegem
  • Martine Meuws