End of Life Vehicles

Lobby at EU and national levels to make pre-dismantling mandatory.

State of affairs

Date Description Deadline Responsible
March 2018 Attendance at IARC 2018 Marc Uphoff
January 2018 State of affairs asked to the national representatives February 2018
November 2017 No data provided by the members
April 2017 Visit of a site of Reiling by a representative of the German Ministry for the environment (as a result of IARC) Marc Uphoff
November 2017 Decision to attend the IARC 2018 in Vienna.
March 2017 Attendance IARC 2017
November 2016 Attendance to the next IARC?
March 2016 Presentation on ELV's glass recycling at the IARC in Berlin
19.10.15 Call for paper accepted by IARC. Formal presentation to submit for the IARC Conference in March 2016 in Berlin End February 2016
30.09.2015 Paper submitted for the IARC 2016
30.09.2015 Paper submitted for the IARC 2016 Baudouin Ska
June 2015 Decision to attend the next IARC. Visit of the PST plant of ARN in the Netherlands.
March 2015 Presentation on the glass dismantling at the IARC in Berlin. Baudouin Ska
January 2015 Drafts Reports ADEME received
May 2014 The Netherlands decided to stop the financiel support to the dismantling of car glass and large plastic parts prior to shredding the ELV's
SC April 2014 Follow up of the effective implementation in France Due to recession in the Building sector, this source of material is of first importance to insure the input for our recycling plants. How to get other countries in action? In France, car dismantling companies are progressively dismantling the glass fraction prior to shredding the cars, applyingt the law voted in summer 2013. In Portugal where the pre-dismantling is not mandatory but effective, the take back scheme for ELV's VALORCAR is now competing the glass recyclers by buying windshield waste from the Car-Repair companies (Carglass). Baudouin Ska
2014 Pressure on Flanders to take legal initiatieves (not possible before 2016, date of renewal of the EPC-voncention (Extended Producers Responsibility))
2013 Follow-up studies performed by OVAM (Flanders-Belgium). Dismantling still performed in the Netherlands. Publication of a Min. Decree in France making pre-dismantling mandatory, but effective implementation dlayed. Effective pre-dismantling in Portugal. Partial pre-dismantling in Spain depending on the Provinces. No mandatory dismantling foreseen in other countries.
2010-2012 Several contacts at EU, NL and B level 2012 Baudouin Ska
Start Date: 2011


To get the pre-dismantling of car glass in force all over Europe

Time Schedule

Undefined as it needs changes in legislation (not in own hands)


  • Pierluigi Galli
  • Baudouin Ska