End of Waste certification

Lobby at EU and National levels to reach the target

State of affairs

Date Description Deadline Responsible
13 November 2017 Contact with a consultant working for the European Investment Bank about the implications of EOW at EU level. Baudouin Ska
July 2017 FERVER position regarding EU consultation on Chemical, Product, Waste interface
April 2016 EOW Certificates emitted in Norway Espen Sandsdalen
October 2015 As certification problems are solved in Belgium, contact with BELAC has been dropped. Still problems in Finland (accreditation too expensive for the CAB) Table with certification status per country extended to countries where FERVER has no members
January 15 Draft guidance document received from BELAC – meeting to organize EOW Certification possible in Finland, France and Sweden March 15 Baudouin Ska
November 14 Contact with BELAC: special EOW mention foreseen on accreditation certificates / Intention to develop a specific training program for CAB’s
October 14 EOW Certificates emitted in UK
August 2014 The German accreditation institute DAkkS allows the CAB’s to certify recyclers of EOW Glass
June 2014 The EU Commission asks for clarification on the certification difficulties: unequal playing field or CAB’s not allowed to be accredited Proposal of Lloyd’s to certify FERVER members in all the countries summer 14 Baudouin Ska
April 2014 The British accreditation institute UKAS allows the CAB’s to certify recyclers of EOW Glass
March 2014 Feedback on meeting BELAC – Belgian Regions: training requirement Letter to EA with DG Envi in cc to claim on the unequal playing field in Europe caused by the position of some Accreditation bodies summer 14 Baudouin Ska
Feb. 2014 Letter sent to 2 CAB’s to ask for a EU-wide certification
Jan. 2014 Presentation made by U. Ix in the EOW Conference of London
Board meeting end 2013 Benchmark of certification in EU countries
Sept. 13 EA Resolution received from EA (Paris)
Start Date: 2013


To get a clear and standardized certification procedure for all the producer of EOW Glass

Time Schedule

To get asap as much as possible members certified in a max. of countries.


  • Baudouin Ska