Statistics (working group)

Collection, evaluation and publication of valid statistics on the glass recycling activities

State of affairs

Date Description Deadline Responsible
6 June 2018 Presentation of the statistics for the year 2017 Marie Van Breusegem
January 2018 Data collection for 2017 FERVER Statistics 15th of April 2018
November 2017 Statistics 2016 adjusted and published on FERVER website Marie Van Breusegem
July 2017 Presentation statistics 2016 Marie Van Breusegem
February 2017 Start data collection 2016
December 2016 Publication of the statistics 2015 on the website
November 2016 Presentation of the statistics 2015
May 2016 Collection of the figures for 2015
January 2016 Presentation of the figures for 2014
October 2015 Updating questionnaire August for re-submission to the members, including explanation on the questions End October 15 Marine Ronquetti
August 2015 Prepare a short questionnaire with a limited number of questions August 15 Stéphane Leroux
June 2015 Further definition of realistic targets by the General Assembly of FERVER Ulrich Ix
May-June 2014 Start collection of data on recycling plants and statistics at national level
May 2014 Collection of other maps on glass recycling, glass production in and out of Europe Designation of the pilot for this issue by SIbelco Christian Deltenre
April 2014 Meeting with Glass for Europe, collection of data published by FEVE and maps of flat glass production plants issued by Glass for Europe. Decision taken by the Steering Committee to initiate an Action Track Document on statistics Baudouin Ska
Start Date: 2014


To collect and publish better data that actually published by other organizations where confusion is made between flat and packaging glass, collection and recycling, household and industrial waste

Time Schedule

Be able to publish valid data on 2015, with a yearly update


  • Stéphane Leroux
  • Ulrich Ix
  • Baudouin Ska
  • David Farrelly