Sustainability (working group)

Sustainability for glass recycling is equivalent to Recyclability.

Many recycling problems are caused by critical materials like closures, labels, adhesives, colours or others which lead to poor quality and complaints by the customer.

State of affairs

Date Description Deadline Responsible
February 2018 Dark and painted glass: paper on the best way to make the sampling
30 October 2017 Presentation on recyclability and collection systems to a Korean delegation Marie Van Breusegem
28 September 2017 Meeting with Mr Macaré from FINAT, the European association for the self-adhesive label industry Baudouin Ska
February 2017 Joint meeting EAFA - FERVER on aluminium closures Visit of a recycling plant Ulrich Ix
September 2016 Black bottles issue - tests ongoing
April 2016 Position paper on dark glass sent to the stakeholders and administrations Baudouin Ska
March 2016 Average aluminum content of collected glass sent to EAFA Ulrich Ix
November 2015 Letter sent to FEVE regarding the black bottles issue
September 2015 Contact with Binder and KRF on dark colour and UVAG glass (see documents)
June 2015 Presentation on problems with aluminium at the GA in Vienne and at the EAFA workshop in Dubrovnik. Ulrich Ix
January 15 Contact suppliers of sorting machines on the black bottles O-I March 15 Baudouin Ska
Oct.14 Updating PP Presentation for the Workshop of 28.11 Mid Nov.14 Ulrich Ix
29.08.2014 Phone conference with Nils Bader Green Network & Eco-Innovation
14.02.2014 Request to all members to report about critical glass products concerning sustainability and to provide samples
14.06.2013 First presentation at FERVER Board Meeting in Stockholm
Oct. 2012 Working group established at Board Meeting in Brussels
Start Date: 2012


FERVER needs to get in continuous contact with the glass industry, retailers, bottlers and designers in order to examine and to inform about existing and new glass products concerning recyclability. Communication and two-way clarification of facts will improve the quality of glass recycling.

Time Schedule

Long term open issue


  • Ulrich Ix
  • Christoph Bildstein