FERVER addressed the issue of building glass recycling at the Demolition, Decontamination & Recycling Expo


Glass becomes increasingly important as a building material; the question of its recycling is therefore more and more significant for the entire building supply chain, especially in the current transitional context towards a more circular economy since the recycling of glass matters from an environmental perspective.

What has been done today in Europe in terms of flat glass recycling? What are the main challenges and opportunities? What would be the right business model?

Marc Uphoff, CEO of Reiling Glas recycling, a company member of FERVER, gave an overview of the flat glass recycling industry in Europe. He discussed the issues that the sector is facing and questioned the way the supply chain can cooperate to improve building glass recycling.

The presentation of Marc Uphoff is available here: 2017-ddr-brussels-reiling-june_14.pptx.