Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS

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Zusammenfassung: Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS

Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS is a recycling company specializing in collection and recycling of various types of hollow glass and flat glass. The company is an partner of the glass industry and prepares the glass for the processing industry especially in the Scandinavian market. We use the most modern technology and well-developed services to create an ideal recycling chain. Using targeted research efforts and innovations in the development of facilities, we offer long-term, individualised recycling solutions that are future-proof and can respond to customers’ wishes. We guarantee the highest possible level of product quality in this way.

In the year 2005 the Reiling Group took over all shares of the company. The international recycling company is one of the most multi-faceted recycling specialists for glass, plastic, paper, wood and substitute fuels in Germany with offices in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Denmark.

Our company is well integrated, meaning that people can quickly reach our efficient collection and processing locations. Today, Reiling Glasrecycling Denmark ApS has three locations in Denmark, in Vamdrup, Holmegaard and Næstved:


Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS

Krumtappen 11

DK-6580 Vamdrup

Tel.: +45 75583850 |

Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS

Maglemolle 60

DK-4700 Naestved

Tel.: +45 555 65 722 |

Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS

Glasværksvej 52

DK – 4684 Holmegaard

Tel. +45 55565722 |