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Zusammenfassung: DSS Recykling S.z. o. o.

DSS Recykling Company was founded in 1997. Since the very beginning of its operation we have been concenstating in glass waste transportation and recycling.

In 2008 the Reiling Group became the new owner of DSS Recycling Company. The international recycling company is one of the most multi-faceted recycling specialists for glass, plastic, paper, wood and substitute fuels in  Germany with offices in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. DSS Recykling Company was reorganized and there were significant investments made. We use the most modern technology and well-developed services to create an ideal recycling chain.

As an partner of the glass industry, we prepare the glass for the processing industry. We offer a comprehensive collection, processing and recycling network, for hollow glass, flat glass and mixed glass. Today DSS Recykling has strengthened its leading position as one of the biggest glass waste collector in Poland.

DSS Recykling Sp.z o. o

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Tel.: +48 (32) 260 89 70 | dss@dss-recykling.pl